Case study: Crop Yield increased by 35% versus non protected crops

Case study: Crop Yield increased by 35% versus non protected crops

Macro Tunnel Installation – Green Beans

Exporting food crops is a heavily regulated industry and requires that companies to account for the chemical traces on the crops when using pesticides. Nonwoven crop covers or fleeces increase yields and improve the uniformity of crops while reducing the need for pesticide use.  Our Reicrop nonwoven fleece provides effective protection against insects and reduces the need to use chemicals.

Understand the customer needs

As a leading producer of internationally renowned brands of nonwoven crop covers, we always put our customers’ needs first. Our agriculture experts have over 30 years of experience working and customizing products for specific applications and climate conditions. When our customer came to us with a specific request to customize the roll sizes of our Reicrop 17 crop covers and to pack them in a unique way, we searched for the best solution that could meet their needs without unnecessary additional costs.

In our Agriculture Center of Excellence we calibrated our manufacturing lines to produce the exact roll size without wasting materials during trimming, and we folded and packed them on pallets meeting the length requested. By doing so, our customer was able to easily transport the materials to the growing site and easily install the rolls directly onto the field. The end use application of Macro Tunnels required a crop cover with high CD strength and puncture resistance due to the more aggressive nature of installation over hoops rather than directly over crops.

Project details:

  • Product: REICROP – 17gsm Agriculture fleece
  • Dimensions: 6,5m x 250m – Folded 1,6m & Palletized
  • Location: Installed in Sacatepéquez Department – Guatemala
  • Area: Total Hectares: 20 Hectares
  • Crop type: Green Beans (for export)
  • Protection requested: 90 days


  • Increase the yield of the crop by up 35% versus non protected crops
  • Protect plants from damages caused by insects and extreme weather conditions
  • Reduce the utilization of pesticides (particularly against trips)
  • Reduced manual labor due to quick and easy installation

Tunnel protection

Other applications

  • Peppers ( all kinds of chili )
  • Tomato
  • All kind of beans and peas


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