Due to their robust structure, reinforced edges, and extendibility, our nonwoven fleeces offer the strength and shade needed by micro and macro tunnel systems to grow consistent harvests.

Agryl Covertan Novagryl Reicrop

Common Problems

Here are some of the issues we see faced by industry professionals and farmers today


  • Tunnel structures are oftentimes difficult for farmers to navigate in; making it hard for them to reach all the plants
  • Crop covers can sometimes cause pooling within the tunnels
  • High cost and maintenance required to install new systems every season


  • Our extendable nonwoven covers are easy for farmers to operate in
  • Our efficient water permeable crop covers help reduce the risk of pooling
  • We offer a range of reusable nonwoven fleece that help minimize the cost of investment and installation needed every season.


Improved yield and crop quality

Localised micro-climates with sufficient vertical space

Easy and reliable installation

Reinforced edges for ease of use

High permeability

Reduced pooling, avoiding tunnel deformation


Re-usable protection with a robust structure

Crop Types

Fruit vegetable and soft fruit

Leaf and stem vegetables

Root and bulb vegetables