Designed with reduced light permeability and the residual strength necessary to reduce weed growth around crop bases and improve soil temperatures. These robust black mulch fleeces can remain on the fields for up to three seasons, minimising weeding and maintenance times.

Product range

Common Problems

Here are some of the issues we see faced by industry professionals and farmers today


  • Using mulch plastic film for long term crops often require higher costs of annual installation and maintenance.
  • Surface water accumulation can increase the risk of leaf rot
  • Growing weeds affect crop growth and often need to be controlled by herbicides


  • Our durable black mulch fleece is suitable for long term crops.
  • Our water and light permeable mulch fleece can help protect soil quality and reduce the risk of pooling.
  • Our nonwoven mulch fleece helps prevent the growth and spread of weed, significantly eliminating the need of herbicides.


Improved soil temperature

Creates a warmer and more robust soil environment

High water and air permeability

Maintains the quality of soil and avoids surface water pooling

Weed control

Blocks light to suppress weed growth


Can remain on fields for up to three seasons

Crop Types

Fruit vegetable and soft fruit

Leaf and stem vegetables


Young plants