Sunfilm Gold’s six layer co-ex films are engineered with propriety resin formulas to provide your silage harvest protection from precipitation, helps reduce loss of bounded proteins by maintaining temperatures under 43.3° C(110 ° F) and saves net energy gains by thirty times more than dry hay.

Common Problems

Here are some of the issues we see faced by industry professionals and farmers today


  • Harsh, stiff grasses and stems can puncture and tear films.
  • Exposure of silage to weather elements reduces feed nutrition.
  • Reduced silage wrapping speeds due to film breakage.


  • Our silage film is designed to reduce tears and punctures from harsh silage.
  • The superior film properties of our film assist in protecting silage from water and climate conditions.
  • Sunfilm Gold co-ex film helps to reduce the number of film breaks during wrapping, helping to increase productivity.


Great barrier properties

Resistant to dust, water and climate conditions

High opacity film

Reflective UV properties

Excellent cling and strength

High tack cling assists in keeping film firmly wrapped


Provides great bale protection

Assists in protecting during the rigors of transporting and storing of silage

Easy to handle and use

Sold in simple to manage corrugate packaging

Crop Types