Garden Nursery

Additional protection against water penetration from wind driven rain is required for young plants that are more susceptible to damage or poor growth. Our nonwoven covers provide superior thermal protection against weather damage for shrubs and nursery plants.

Agryl Covertan Novagryl Reicrop

Common Problems

Here are some of the issues we see faced by industry professionals and farmers today


  • Young plants are more susceptible to harsh climate weathers
  • Varying climate temperatures can be damaging to young plants


  • Our garden nurseries solutions reduce airflow in order to protect against harsh conditions.
  • Our nonwoven crop covers provide the proper microclimate needed for young plants to strive


Improved plant growth

Protection against harsh rain and wind

Increased plant survival

Exceptional thermal protection, delivered by veils of up to 60 gsm

High permeability

Controlled light and water transmission

Crop Types


Young plants