Open Field

Customisable, easy-install solutions for all field sizes. These robust products have exact strength, moisture and light management properties to suit the application.

Agryl Covertan Novagryl Reicrop

Common Problems

Here are some of the issues we see faced by industry professionals and farmers today


  • Open field covers are often costly, labor intensive, and difficult to install which could lead to damaged crops.
  • Growers with bespoke fields struggle to find the convenient covers for their crops.
  • Open field crops if left uncovered can be easily be damaged by cold temperatures, harsh winds, rain and pests.


  • Our easy-to-install open field crop cover systems help optimize labor time, costs, and reduce the risk of damaged crops during installation.
  • We offer customized solutions of widths, thickness range, single, and glued fleece to suit different shapes.
  • Our nonwoven open field covers provide effective physical protection against pests and harsh climates.


Customized Solutions

Single and glued fleece, up to 30m wide, available with a range of thickness

Easy and reliable installation

Reinforced edges help ensure rapid coverage and unwinding. Compatible with automatic processes.

Improved yield and crop quality

Effective and reliable physical protection against pests and harsh climatic conditions

Efficient transport and storage

Folded in 1.6m rolls and supplied in pallets

Crop Types


Fruit vegetable and soft fruit

Leaf and stem vegetables

Leguminous vegetables


Root and bulb vegetables

Stem Crop (Robust)


Young plants