Sunfilm Gold Max

Superior strength and barrier properties create an airtight seal for up to twelve months

Sunfilm Gold’s six layer co-ex films are engineered with propriety resin formulas to provide your silage harvest protection from precipitation, helps reduce loss of bounded proteins by maintaining temperatures under 43.3° C(110 ° F) and saves net energy gains by thirty times more than dry hay.

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Sunfilm Gold Max


  • Reflective UV properties
  • Superior strength and tack
  • High oxygen barrier property
  • Proprietary resin formula
  • High opacity film
  • 75% pre-stretch

Technical Data

We utilise state-of-the-art equipment and lean manufacturing techniques, ensuring the most advanced production processes and the highest quality products and customer service.

Product CodeColorMicronsWidth (mm)Length (m)kgs. Per RollGrams per Square Meter

Film Applications

  • silage


    Excellent for everyday wrapping


  • Grass

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