Reicrop 30

Protection from frost and snow

Reicrop 30 offers heavyweight protection from frost and snow. Permeability properties have been designed to reduce the impact of sudden temperature change. Dehydration is also reduced.

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Reicrop 30


  • Protection for plants above ground level against mechanical damage frost and snow due to its mechanical strength and uniform distribution
  • Protection against excess moisture that can lead to a root asphyxiation
  • Protection from wind, snow, and frost
  • Reinforcement against sudden changes in temperature due to its permeability

Technical Data

Reicrop products are developed and made at our Center of Excellence in Biesheim, France. We utilise state-of-the-art equipment and lean manufacturing techniques, ensuring the most advanced production processes and the highest quality products and customer service.

(S) Standard Edge (R) Reinforced Edge. All of our agriculture fleeces are Z folded for an easy install.

PropertyUnitTargetMinMaxTest Method
Basis weightg/m2302733WSP 130.1 (05)
TS at peak MDN / 50mm7348--WSP 110.4 (05)
EL at peak MD%13790190WSP 110.4 (05)
TS at peak CDN / 50mm4123--WSP 110.4 (05)
EL at peak CD%13269195WSP 110.4 (05)
Adhesive breakN / 50mm421767WSP 110.4 (05) (ERT 20.2-89)
Non-woven breakN / 50mm3915.932.1WSP 110.4 (05) (ERT 20.2-89)

Fleece Applications

  • Garden Nursery

    Additional protection for young plants that are more susceptible to damage or poor growth.

  • Open Field

    Customisable, easy-install solutions for all field sizes. These robust products have exact strength, moisture and light management properties to suit the application.

Crop Types

  • Ornamentals

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