Our Panda range covers mulch, carrot, ground cover and internal greenhouse films.

We manufacture our plastic films using our 7 layer smartstructure technology meaning the raw materials can be inserted with greater precision. This means that the dedicated film layers can enhance thermic, optic and strength attributes.

This precision control accentuates individual film features and enables bespoke film production for specific crops, climates or applications.



  • Mulch and Ground Cover Film
    A long lasting UV stable film which can:
    • Increase soil temperature
    • Assist with moisture retention
    • Help with cleaner crop harvesting
    • Reduce weeds
    • Help to increase crop yields
  • Carrot Film
    • Winter ground storage of carrots and other root vegetables when used in combination with a blanket of straw.
    • Protection from frost and harsh weather conditions
    • Unspoilt crop and the harvesting period is extended
  • Internal Greenhouse Films
    • Clear films for use inside the greenhouse for cladding and thermal gain in the winter months
    • Internal floor coverings that are highly reflective
    • Make the best use of all available light which contributes to crop ripening, growth and yield


  • Greenhouses and plastic tunnels

    Enhancing growth and providing protection where insect barrier, light transmission are shade control are key to ensuring higher yields.

  • Mulch

    Suppresses weeds, protects crops and supports warm soil conditions for improved growth.

  • Open Field

    Customisable, easy-install solutions for all field sizes. These robust products have exact strength, moisture and light management properties to suit the application.

Crop Types

  • Brassica

  • Fruit vegetable and soft fruit

  • Leaf and stem vegetables

  • Stem Crop (Robust)

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