Lumisol Diffused


Getting Light, Right

Our Lumisol range benefits from the ongoing input of Berry bpi agriculture’s global research partners, working at different latitudes and in various climates around the world – from northern Europe to the Mediterranean basin and Australasia.

We manufacture our plastic films using our 7 layer smartstructure technology meaning the raw materials can be inserted with greater precision. This means that the dedicated film layers can enhance thermic, optic and strength attributes.

This precision control accentuates individual film features and enables bespoke film production for specific crops, climates or applications.

Lumisol Diffused


  • Extended harvesting seasons
  • Hardier crops
  • Unrivalled crop quality
  • Improved control of economically important pests and diseases
  • Temperature control
  • Anti-fog properties

Technical Data

PropertySpecificationSpecificationTest Method
Normal Thickness (μm)180200ISO 4593
Light Transmission (%)87-9187-91ASTM D1003
Diffusion (%)90-9390-93ASTM D1003
UV Transmission (%)>50>50290-400nm
Thermicity (%)80-8580-85BS EN 13206:2001
Elongation at Break MD (%)500-600500-600ASTM D882
Impact Strength (g)800-1000800-1000ASTM D1709
Yield Strength (2% offset) MD (MPa)15-2515-27ASTM D882
Available with Anti Fog?YesNo--


  • Greenhouses and plastic tunnels

    Enhancing growth and providing protection where insect barrier, light transmission are shade control are key to ensuring higher yields.

Crop Types

  • Fruit vegetable and soft fruit

  • Leaf and stem vegetables

  • Leguminous vegetables

  • Ornamentals

  • Young plants

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