Covertan 17

High moisture transmission to support growth

Covertan 17 helps ensure high moisture transmission, air permeability for temperature stability, and heat retention to drive the early maturation of crops. Covertan 17 allows the creation of a microclimate favorable to crop growth and can therefore help create more consistent and earlier yields. This helps reduce the crop cycle, favoring faster crop rotation.

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Covertan 17


  • Thicker fibers make the product robust to protect from occasional extreme weather
  • High resistance to UV radiation helps ensures durability over time
  • High mechanical strength, relevant during installation, protection, and removal which help reduce tearing and save time and labor.
  • Good water permeability for uniform distribution of rainwater and irrigation
  • Good light transmission for effective photosynthesis

Technical Data

Covertan products are developed and made at our Center of Excellence in Biesheim, France. We utilise state-of-the-art equipment and lean manufacturing techniques, ensuring the most advanced production processes and the highest quality products and customer service.

(S) Standard Edge (R) Reinforced Edge. All of our agriculture fleeces are Z folded for an easy install.

PropertyUnitTypical AverageTest Method
Basis weight[g/m2]17WSP 130.1 (1)
Tensile strength, MD[N/5cm]30WSP 110.4 (2)
Tensile strength, CD[N/5cm]23WSP 110.4 (2)
Elongation at peak, MD [%]38WSP 110.4 (2)
Elongation at peak, CD[%]45WSP 110.4 (2)
Toughness, MD[J]1.7WSP 110.4 (2)
Toughness, CD[J]1.5WSP 110.4 (2)
Air Permeability[l/m2/s]8200WSP 70.1 (3)

Fleece Applications

  • Greenhouses and plastic tunnels

    Enhancing growth and providing protection where insect barrier, light transmission are shade control are key to ensuring higher yields.

  • Open Field

    Customisable, easy-install solutions for all field sizes. These robust products have exact strength, moisture and light management properties to suit the application.

  • Tunnels

    Macro and micro tunnels, including options that allow staff to access the plants. Climate control and sufficient vertical space are key attributes.

Crop Types

  • Brassica

  • Fruit vegetable and soft fruit

  • Leaf and stem vegetables

  • Ornamentals

  • Root and bulb vegetables

  • Tuber

  • Young plants

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