Agryl M

High performance heavyweight barrier

Our black nonwoven fleece for surface layer applications offers increased water permeability to resist against pooling and surface water retention, and reduces light permeability to resist against weed growth.

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Agryl M


  • Effective weed suppression solution
  • Help preserve root humidity by the transmission of water and nutrients to the crops
  • High air porosity reduces the risk of water accumulation
  • Low light transmission avoids weed growth
  • Durable materials to withstand against installation and harsh environments

Technical Data

Agryl products are developed and made at our Center of Excellence in Biesheim, France. We utilise state-of-the-art equipment and lean manufacturing techniques, ensuring the most advanced production processes and the highest quality products and customer service.

(S) Standard Edge (R) Reinforced Edge. All of our agriculture fleeces are Z folded for an easy install.

PropertyUnitTypical AverageTest Method
Basis weightg/m250WSP 130.1 (1)
Tensile strength, MDN/ 5 cm130WSP 110.4 (2)
Tensile strength, CDN/ 5 cm40WSP 110.4 (2)
Elongation at peak, MD%110WSP 110.4 (2)
Elongation at peak, CD%90WSP 110.4 (2)
Toughness, MDJ21.6WSP 110.4 (2)
Toughness, CDJ5.3WSP 110.4 (2)
Hydroheadmm110WSP 80.6 (3)
Light transmission%4.5Internal

Fleece Applications

  • Mulch

    Suppresses weeds, protects crops and supports warm soil conditions for improved growth.

Crop Types

  • Fruit vegetable and soft fruit

  • Leaf and stem vegetables

  • Ornamentals

  • Young plants

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