Meet the Agriculture team: Jean-Pierre Caille

Meet the Agriculture team: Jean-Pierre Caille

Jean-Pierre, can you tell us a little about your experience at Berry?

“I started working at our plant in Biesheim in 1982. 35 years have passed, although it only seems like weeks ago when I began here. That might appear a long time, but we have many long-term team members, as well as new, younger talent at the site. Since joining I’ve worked in all sorts of roles – maintenance, purchasing, methodology …. to name a few. Now I am the Supply Chain Manager” My job is to ensure that we offer our customers the best service and products to match their needs.

How does your experience help Berry customers?

“Different crops and different climates require different protection solutions. We know what products and solutions deliver the best results because of our testing in the field and in the laboratory. That means we can give great advice to our customers. Also agriculture is a highly-seasonal business with severe peaks and troughs at different times of the year. Because we were one of the first companies to operate in this area, we understand the business, and ensure we always build stock throughout the year so we have it available for our customers.”

Tell us about the Center of Excellence?

“We are all so proud that Biesheim has become a Berry Center of Excellence. We’ve invested in great equipment for the plant, and also training for our staff. It’s a major step forward for us and for our customers.”

What are you most proud of?

“Our team has an effective mix of experience and enthusiastic new blood.  We have a long lasting relationship with most of our customers in 36 different countries. One of our customers has been with us for over 30 years

Our partners  trust us to deliver the best products and the best service, and we never forget that.”

Why should agriculture customers choose Berry?

“We are very flexible to meet their needs and the needs of farmers. For example we can create materials with widths from 1m to 34m wide. Our materials are easy to install with Z fleece design, and easy to transport on pallets.